My apologies on the trivial subject. Cannot install from iso. Here is what I have done:

Followed instructions from here:

- Downloaded (3 diff times) R3 GNOME 32 ISO Direct.
- Formatted 8Gb thumb drive (FAT32)
- Used UnetBootin to put the iso to the formatted USB drive; success
- Download attempt #1 (from torrent), when booting w/ F12, selected USB drive, USB flashes, then bypasses right into Windows. Did not check md5 before file deleted.
- Download attempt #2 (from Direct), UnetBottin transfer success, same result (boots into windows).
- Downloaded fciv.exe to check md5 checksum of the iso file downloaded. Download #2 does not match md5 checksum listed on download page.
- Download attempt #3 (from Direct), md5 exactly the same as download #2 (different from advertised checksum).
- Loaded iso on DVD at 2x speed (slowest option) w/ data validity check success; reboot w/ F12 not expecting it to work; Selected DVD-ROM; then I get a Linux header on line 1 with a fast blinking cursor on line 2. That is it. It hangs there indefinitely. No options given.

Platform used is IBM T61; 32bit; WinXP SP3

Any ideas? Could it be issue with R3?

Thanks in advance.

Tim C.