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    Default Wirless usb

    I have a desktop running bt5 r3 and a laptop running bt5 r3. Im switching the usb adapter for my laptop because the integrated wifi card is not supported by bt5. The wireless usb adapter works very well with speed on the desktop but it runs extremly slow and disconnects quite often on the laptop. However the same os and same adapter runs well on the desktop. Is it a possiblity that it runs slow and disconnects on the laptop because the integrated adapter is interfering with the usb? the laptop is dual booted with windows and even then works well with the wifi adapter. Do i have to disable the integrated wifi card in order to get it from disconnecting? and if I disable it can I still use the wifi integrated card for windows?

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    Internal wifi and external wifi are treated the same..Each interface is given an iface id: wlan0, wlan1, eth0, etc...So each one working with their own driver..I don't see why it woul interfer each other???!!!

    What kind of usb wifi do you have?...

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