Ok i downloaded bactrack 5r3 gnome 64bit iso have redownloded 3 times checksum good all 3 times instaleed to usb 6 times with unetbootin and 6 times with live linux creater with variouse persistance sizes the first time i boot it up startx works just fine but as soon as i reboot and try to startx again it hangs at black screen search as revield this is a common problem but none of the fixes seem to help first i tried to edit /etc/default/grub to include i915.modeset=1 as sugested both at the end of the line right before vga= begining of the line and changing text splash to quiet splash but when i run update-grub it says that it cant find /mnt/dev am i sure its mounted
On the grub loader hiting tab and modifing that line with several varations of the i915 line with no luck also xforcevesa does nothing i also tried reistalling iso and booting up starting x (it always works first time after reeboot it breaks) and configuring fluxbox with no luck hopeing it was a gnome prolem i am useing a hp laptop with intel chipset sorry for the crappy formating i am havring to post this on my phone and its being stupid thanks in advance ffor all the help