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Thread: Backtrack installation (USB)

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    Default Backtrack installation (USB)

    I have BackTrack installed on my USB.
    I want to boot it, but always comes this error message:
    2012-10-12 23.58.46.jpg
    2012-10-12 23.59.01.jpg
    2012-10-12 23.59.18.jpg

    What should I do?

    - Backtrack version: KDE
    - Backtrack installation: USB
    - An error message: attachement

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    Default Re: Backtrack installation (USB)

    This may be caused by an incompatibility between your hardware and the kernel. I suggest you try to create the USB following the Wiki guide see if that works if not try searching for any issues regarding your hardware with the Backtrack kernel and see if someone mentions a fix.
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