I can successfully connect to my bt5 with vnc. eg. myip:1
However the bottom of the vnc window, where all the minimized programs , clock etc is fuzzy or not showing very clearly. (as best I can describe it.)
I have tried a variety of methods for setting up vnc and this seems to work accept for the fuzzy bar.

When I minimize a terminal window I cant seem to open it. I try clicking along the fuzzy bar to try to catch it and I can get the clock for example or programs like the list all the programs, but I cant get the termnal window to re open. If I hover my mouse over one of the 4 Desktops eg Desktop1 then I see a list of all the terminal windows that are open. Including the one I cant open.

Is there some command or something that will allow me to open a minimized window. Alt tab doesnt always work depending on the variety of VNC your using.