Hello All,
I am fairly new to linux and backtrack, I have backtrack loaded to my usb flash drive and I am booting from that drive, I used unetbootin and that has all worked just fine. I am having difficulty getting BT to recognize my wireless network card. Unfortunately I am not home right now so I am unable to post the parameters when I type thing like iwconfig and the other commands in. I was up for about 4 hours last night trying to install the different drivers, I downloaded one .deb driver and one .tgz driver, neither of which seemed to work when I used the dpkg command line.. The only thing I can think of is could it be not working because I am using the USB to run BT and not installing it to the machine? Maybe I have to put the driver file on the same usb flashdisk as the BT5 is on? Last night I was using a second usb flashdisk to download files on my desktop and bring them over to the laptop. Any input is greatly appreciated, I know theres not much you guys can do without me posting specifics but as I've said I am at work now, don't have access to the computer at this time, just thought I could get this posted this way when I get home I can provide you all with whatever information you may need. What I do know, for sure is
1. It is BT5r3 loaded to a usb flashdisk using unetbootin
2. It is a dell inspiron 8600 laptop with a Intel Pro Wireless 2915abg adapter
3. I have downloaded and attempted to install 2 different driver files ending in .deb and .tgz, neither of which with any success.

Thanks again, I really appreciate any help.

-Steve E.