hi all,
I have a problem, than is be dealt other times in the forum, but from the search I see that us they have not been solutions.
I have one card video of intel the 950, and in order to work, needed the drive “915resolution”, and then the drive “xserver-xorg-video-intel”
i have a normal pc , not laptop , and my best resolution is 1440x900 (60/75)

the 915 resolution I have downloaded and and installed from slax, and the other drive I have downloaded it , but I do not succeed to install it.
I do not succeed because the file is “xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.1.1.orig.tar.gz”
(from one deb.search).
I am turning&toruning in google and slax and in bt wiki, but I do not find nothing that it can help me to understand as is settled….
… also 1 link is a very help for me.
i need only this drive for my card.

thanks to all of the patience.

hi all...

they are finally successful to unload to me and to create the file and i have compiled it from source.
I have used the “how-to… by Tremain Lea (on wiki)
of created to module from source.
I have created the package, and I have installed it.

and if i , in terminal , print the command
“Slapt-get --installed”
xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.1.1-i386-1 [inst=yes]: Package created with checkinstall 1.5.3
in afther this process , I have tried to reconfigure X but without happening.

at this point , someone can indicate an just method to me of configuration of X please?
thanks to all.
____________-other mod___________
I make the last modification…
I have see that also unloading the *.deb and transforming it in *.lzm, after the installation does not change, the problem of the resolution exist.
I am enrolled to the mailinglist of “freedesktop”, and if he changes something, I will write it on this forum….
hi and thanx to all.