After some consideration, I decided to install Backtrack 5 R3 on my spare hard drive. I was able to boot via the live dvd, enter bt5, and install bt5 on my external hard drive(was a full format then clean install). After restarting, I changed my bios settings to read the external hard drive first, it went through the HP splash screen and then hung on a black screen. I can alt ctrl del to restart my computer but it always hangs on a black screen. I then decided to open up my computer and plug my external hard drive straight into my computer, and sure enough I was able to boot into Backtrack. I tried doing some research for BlacX sata station and dual booting and the only thing I could find was something about AHCI being enabled in the bios(which I set and still did nothing). On a side note, I can't boot into windows with my BlacX turned on. If I try to hangs on a black screen if I do.

Computer: Hp Pavilion Elite HPE 112y
BT Version: 5 R 3
Problem: Black screen from booting via BlacX External Hard drive

Any help would be appreciated.