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Thread: unable to encode using shikata ga nai encoder

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    Default unable to encode using shikata ga nai encoder

    hi all,
    I am using a bt5 install on a laptop HDD partition.
    I am trying to encode an executable using the msfencode command . I used the following syntax :-
    ./msfencode -t exe -x trojan.exe -k -o trojan_enc.exe -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -c 1
    However, shikata_ga_nai first indicates it succeeded and then aborts saying .text section is too small to be usable
    I have seen a tutorial about extending the pe file sections and could add the bytes to the last section of the pe file. But as I understand, I
    have to add the extra bytes to the .text section, which is the first section in the section table and that means I have to relocate the other sections.
    I couldnot succeed doing that! So can someone help me on extending the .text section of an exe and thus overcome the msfencode problem indicated above ?
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: unable to encode using shikata ga nai encoder

    Dear friends,
    I write some program with Microsoft Visual C# and .NET. i want to encode this i use the more crypts tools....but i have not a good result. the Antivirus are all times catch finally i use the shikata_ga_nai tool.

    yes it is working well. The all antivirus are bypassing well.that's my command.......

    sudo cat /root/Desktop/test1.exe | msfencode -c 1 -e x86/shikata_ga_nai > /test2.exe

    but problem is :
    The program is not working........
    I try is windows XP 32 bit and 64 bit OS.....but same problem......

    The error massage is:
    " Program too big to fit into memory "

    how to fix this problems?
    that problem only with shikata_ga_nai tool......plz help me.....

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