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Thread: THC - Hydra howto

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    Default THC - Hydra howto

    There is a howto for that? the help in the -h didn't help me and in the site there is now howto, the only info i found is in irongeek website but it's for the gui hydra and i want to use the command line hydra.
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    So the obvious question I have is why not use the niffty GUI that is included in Backtrack. As you obviously have no idea how to use hydra it would probably be eaisier to use the GUI. If your worried about looking l33t then the command line commands come up at the bottom of the gui so simply click on each choice and see what argument is added to the command line. Its true there is not much info on hydra but it is easy to use if.........Now this is the MOST important part. you must know the protocol of the web page or router or ftp or telnet or whatever your trying to use hydra on. The number one reason that hydra fails is the user improperly commanded the tool to prform a specific protocol. Thats why the gui is right up your alley because it has a point and click interface.oh a good word list helps too

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    Also agree GUI!!!, If this is for de-ice then look over your nmap scan you stated you ran and see what you can find.
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    Just use the GUI it's much more userfriendly. (Though still has some minor interface design issues IMHO).

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