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I think you did something wrong..If you have W7 already installed, it will be erased..W7 should be using /dev/sda1..The extended should be sda2 and logics are from sda5 and up..

Why sda5?..Because primary partitions allowed by BIOS is 4. For example: 2 IDE connectors will only accept as much as 4 HDD, each with a primary Partition as a maximum, and I mean primary...

So this means in linux, is the same, you have 4 primary Partitions (sda1 to sda4)..If you want more, they will start from 5 (sda5) and up, but they have to be in an Extended partition.

So in an extended partition the first one starts from 5..The swap partition is a different partition, is not counted in the sdx partitions...So you need one Swap partition and it can be used by as many linux distros as you have installed.

So, in your case, W7 should be using sda1...If linux is using it, it might delete W7 partition...Make sure you mapped the HDD correctly..

You should have:
/dev/sda1 -------ntfs (Windows 7) (xx Gb)
/dev/sda2-------extended (xx Gb) here you decide the size if you've shrunk the hdd.
sda5-------BT5 (Mounting point "/") (Filesystem ext4) You give the size (from within the extended)
swap -----swap (1Gb no need for more)
That is all you shoud have...

Use gparted to partition the disk...Once you do that, you do not need to format the filesystem since it will be done by gparted...

Please post map of HDD. And how you partitioned it. Did you use gparted?..

thanks for replying mate,
I didnt do anything yet. this is just the example I found on a website that explains how to install on an external drive but I was confused since I saw that the sda will be formatted and the guy is talking about how to install on an external drive.
In my case I have my internal drive (on the laptop) so that would be sda.
My external drive should than be recognized as sdb, right?. Thats where I want to install BT. My ext. drive is 1TB and I want to use its full size for BT.
What do I need to do?