Hi guys,

I just started to use backtrack a couple of days ago and this is my 1st time that I am using a non windows OS.
I searched around the forum to find answers to my question but noticed that many people had problems and since I am not experienced with Linux I would really appreciate if someone who knows how to do this helps me out

I have booted BT on USB with unetbootin, working fine so far.
I am using the newest BT5R3-GNOME-32 version. I would like to install BT but I dont want to put it on my internal hard drive not to compromise my windows installation.
I have a 1 TB external hard drive and I would like to install BT on it. I am not really using it for anything so I can use the entire thing.

Can someone please give my detailed instructions on how to do this, preferably if you have done it yourself? What i need to pay attention to and all that. and what I shouldnt do under any circumstances?
I am new to linux but i want to learn so please have patience with me.
I really dont want to mess up my windows installation, since I have important data there.

I appreciate you helping me on this, sharing is caring :-)