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    I got a specific question for professionnal...I am using wireshark and i found paquets included probe request paquets which contains the essid and sometime hidden essid. I got an example: If a hockey team are staying in a hotel and one of the player wanna disconnect the iphone ( -- deauth) of his friend without disconnecting all the team iphone or laptop... how can you do that using aireplay-ng and can you use the source adress like ( 00:00:00:00:00:00) that i took in paquets that a scan and it was in a paquet in red where normaly you can see when people are reconnecting. Like how to do a deauthentification on a specific adress without taking the router adress or access point adress..

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    I doesn't really take a professional to do this rocket science -->

    The first result:
    ... MAC address of the client to deauthenticate; if this is omitted then all .... It is usually more effective to target a specific station using the -c parameter.
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    You could also have a look at the program airdrop-ng.

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    hello beerfaller42, you don't need professionnal to answer your question man, however any beginner on beginner section will be able to answer your question, good luck :-)
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