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    Get yourself to HERE and check out 'Hacme Bank', 'Hacme Travel', 'Hacme Books', and 'Hacme Shipping'.

    These are (basically) web sites that you can install/configure at home. You will need to install some other software (sql servers, web platforms, etc), but once you've done that you will have a fully functioning web site against which you can practice nice things link SQL injection, XSS, etc.

    The good thing about this series of sites is that there are guided solutions available. Sometimes it's just as valuable to work thorugh something with a guided solution, and then go back on your own and try to work ot why it works.

    The De-Ice CDs that you've mentioned are really good learning tools also. The main trick with those is to try to think like you're a pentester. Don't throw every tool in the box at the disc, start with your 'Information Gathering' and try to then work out what you can do with the information you've gathered.

    My main bit of advice? Have fun

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    This is great for beginners thanks for posting this up!

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    Thank you everyone so much! I installed the new airplay and WOW!! I cracked my wep in like 3 min, though it is only 64 bit. I'll definitely look into the hacme stuff it sounds really useful.

    The main things with the De-Ice CDs is that I don't know enough about the programs to know where to start. I understand using the information gathering tools first, and then move from there. The site that has all the tools and a short description is nice, but I think it'll be better if I just play with them to see what works (at least for me).

    Thanks again!!


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