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Thread: Dual booting Bt5 R3 "no operating systems installed"

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    Default excellent forum

    I was right in choosing forum. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Dual booting Bt5 R3 "no operating systems installed"

    Quote Originally Posted by vaughan2 View Post
    Thank you, and I am attempting to read as much as possible for BT I've done some basic partitioning on centOS well we had to at the start of this year and all that knowledge has kinda just been lost since then,
    but i don't know where to look, because all my other school mates had their install BT showing their operating system on it.

    could their be any relation to my HDD being a GPT ??(i am not fully aware of what this is was just having trouble installing win 7 ultimate).

    i understand completely what you mean about the user manual, if you could direct me to a manual for this situation ill be more then happy to read it, Thanks i understand how difficult linux can be and to get a kick off
    to start learning it is very difficult.
    Let me give you a piece of advice: If you read this, 30 min a day, with in 4 weeks, let me know how advance you will see yourself...Just 30 min a day 7 days a week..Try it.. You will be amazed how much you will have learned.

    When you understand this, BT5, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc will be so clear to you...


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