Hello, let me start off by saying i am new to backtrack, and i have scoured the entire forum and google and have not found anything closely related to my issue. I installed backtrack 5r2 on a VMware machine and had no issues logging in and connecting the networking and downloading plugins, but i was prompted to install a new package, which took a couple hours. After which point i was prompted to restart the system. Then i logged in with the root /and my updated password, then i used startx (hoping to get back to the main backtrack screen) but was sent to another login screen that is grey in color with a box in the middle of the screen with an area for a username and password. I tried using the root/and my new password, but it says root logins are not allowed. I have not been able to get back to the main backtrack screen since. I have uploaded a couple screen shots of the screen i am seeing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.screen.jpgscreen 2.jpg