Hello Everyone,
I recently tryied to install BT5 R3 on my new Asus EEE X101CH without sucess. ( USB unetbootin live )

The problem :
The VGA screen driver 791 seems to fail. The screen turns black if I boot in this mode. "Unbuntu 10.0.4" then * black screen *

Pre-Solution :
I sucessfully entered into Backtrack5r3 when I edit the default launch option from "vga=791--" to "vga=0x315" in the grub.

Basically I fixed the problem but not entierly because I want a persistent copy on the Hardisk.

So here is the second problem, which I'm currently stuck at. With the R3 version of Bactrack I don't have acess to the grub once it's installed on hard-disk and it seems to install it with default settings (vga=791) so basically I'm stuck because when it boots, it load everything, no login, no startx requiered and no grub acess so I can't edit anything.

Questions :
1. Is it possible to modify the boot option before it launch startx automatically with a hotkey or something ?
2. If not, is it possible to modify the boot option from the ISO directly ?

Thank you for your time