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Thread: After windows 8 can't boot

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    Default After windows 8 can't boot

    I was running windows vista and I had hdd installed back track 5 r2. When I was booting my PC there were option to boot either operation system. After I installed windows 8 preview version that menu does not appear anymore. I tried to boot from cd and after startx loading screen appears but jumps back to black screen where write startx. I kinda remember I had this problem before and had solved but not sure how was it?

    FYI: hp dv9000 core 2 duo 2.81 gpu disabled cuz fried

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    Default Re: After windows 8 can't boot

    Reinstall Backtrack it will work afterwords.
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    Default Re: After windows 8 can't boot

    I agree with Sickness. Backtrack must be lastly installed. If you can configure ur menu to not boot previous MBR it would help. Or configure to not rememeber last boot.

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