I have an Acer Travelmate 529txv...
with BT2 livecd, boot process freezes WITHOUT
bt irqpoll

Boot process is ok with it...

I have installed on harddisk the distro.
Same way. Freezes without bt irqpoll...
it's perfect if I press Tab and write bt irqpoll.

Like BaldingParrot suggests, I have wrote this line: append = "irqpoll"
on my lilo.conf on /etc/ on the partition where BT2 is installed /dev/hda1

My lilo.conf
boot = /dev/hda1
timeout = 20
vga = 0x317
image = /boot/vmlinuz
append = "irqpoll"
root = current
initrd = /boot/splash.initrd
label = bt


but no results... the pc freezes...
The last screen:
[<c03613a0>] (ide_intr+0x0/0x100)
Disabling IRQ #15
ide1 at 0x0x170-0x177,0x376 on irq15
hda: max request size: 128KiB
hda: 39070080 sectors (20003 MB) w/1806KiB Cache, CHS=38760/16/63, UDMA(33)
hda: cache flushes not supported
hda: hda1
ide-cd: cmd 0x5a timed out
hdc: lost interrupt
ide-cd: cmd 0x5a timed out
hdc: lost interrupt
hdc: ATAPI 24X DVD-ROM drive, 256kB Cache, UDMA(33)
Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.20
hdc: lost interrupt
ide-cd: cmd 0x3 timed out
hdc: lost interrupt
hdc: request sense failure: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
hdc: request sense failure: error=0x64 { AbortedCommad LastFailedSense=0x06 }
Here freezes...

It seems the lilo.conf is not read by the system...
but I'm sure I have only one partition HDA1 ext3 (verified with qtparted or cfdisk)

The name HDA is suggested by the BT... (i don't understand why many users have SDA instead)

Anyone has any ideas to solve this problem?

sorry for errors ...

Thanks in advance.