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Thread: BT5r3 Need Info to buy the right laptop/netbook (Stand alone OS)

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    Question BT5r3 Need Info to buy the right laptop/netbook (Stand alone OS)

    Hello people! I'm a newcomer on the BT community.

    I'm currently using my main laptop as the host of BT, I am running Backtrack 5 R3 under Vbox. (My current laptop is a Alienware m17x R3 with all the hardware at max)
    However, I was really thinking getting a new laptop or net book and run Backtrack as a standalone OS. I want to use this for penetration testing Only, would be to test my own equipment/network (company network/home network)
    I would like to have a more secure environment and I love learning/acquiring knowledge about security matters in IT.

    I have been reading all over the web for the past week on what kind/which model of laptop/netbook to get.
    However, most are talking about Backtrack 5 r1/r2 and want to dualboot windows/BT and thus often requires different bare minimum set up.
    I want to spend as few $ as possible, will be running BT 5 r3 as a standalone OS. I will ONLY use this netbook/laptop for pen testing. (no game, no video watch/editing etc..)

    I need the netbook/laptop to be :
    Light and small (max 14 inch, not too heavy (max 2 kg? unless this is unrealistic for some reason)
    Will use Alfa usb wifi adapter so I don't need a wifi adapter that can inject or sniff integrated to the machine.
    Anything else I don't care, looking for your recommendation on what specs to use.

    What should I go with? Netbook or Laptop(includes "ultrabook") ?
    How much RAM is enough for anything regarding pen testing (3-4 GB? or 6+ GB?)
    What kind of CPU should I be looking for ? (Intel only? I3+ or the celeron group is plenty)
    Is there any reason why I would want a better graphic card than integrated graphic?
    What kind of extra is required on the machine ? (CD ROM? Ethernet? how many USB? 2.0 or 2.0+3.0?)
    Is there any compatibility issues that I should be concerned with before purchase or any specific requirements to run all the tools of BT5?

    If I can get some information on those questions or if you have an idea of a specific model I could get, it would be great!
    My budget (ideally) would be below 300$, not sure if this is entirely possible.

    Once again, thanks for the precious help and I hope this will be of great help for people looking to buy a netbook or laptop and run BT as a standalone operating system.
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