Hello once again everyone!

This time I'm bringing you a WPA/WPA2 cracking tutorial. In this tutorial I d/l the svn/trunk of aircrack-ng.

To do this, just type in...

svn co http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/svn/trunk/ aircrack-ng
cd aircrack-ng
make install

I did the format a little different than most of you are familiar with. Some people suggested that I should use a text editor to type in the info I wanted to disclose with you. So I did. I like it better this way. So thanks for the suggestions TrialAndError and that other guy whos' name I cant remember right now.

I'm proud of this one. Its very easy to follow, and I go into even more detail than the others. So without any further delay....enjoy my WPA/WPA2 tutorial!! Be sure you read everything I wrote. Theres some very important tips that even the more seasoned WPA/WPA2 crackers overlook.

BTW: If you use Firefox..please allow pop-ups from photobucket.com to view this video. Again....I hope all my fans enjoy my video tutorial. Happy learning!!

To view online with full screen>>>>


To download on your HD>>> And heres a thread that I made to share wordlist so you can have some ammo. Post em up if you got them, or just take some that the members and I have posted.



What do y'all think?? E-Z enough????
And will you guys who view my video do me a favor please if ya don't mind? IF YOU WATCHED THIS VIDEO AND YOU LIKED IT...please take a moment to post your likes / dislikes of it or any questions you have..and I WILL ANSWER THEM ALL. :-)

Depending on how helpful it is to others will determine if I keep these and other more advanced videos coming or not. Thanks for everyones support!!