Hello all !

It may seem to be a stupid question - Antivirus on Backtrack ??
I want to use BT 5 R3 HDD install as main OS.
I am a newbie and want to learn pentesting with BT tools, so it will be good to use it as main OS so i will be in touch with BT all the time instead of tackling issues of VM run.

As i am newbie and use it as main OS so it is also important to secure my own BT box as i will have all data here. I was thinking to install COMODO Antivirus for Linux.

My questions are :
1. Is it safe to install Comode AV on BT box and exclude /pentext/ folder ??
2. Will it destroy BT box - as BT has lot of tools that antiviruses may not like ?

Can someone point me to right direction