Howdy, didn't know where else to post this other then the 'experts' thread. Wondering since I'm using PoE, and not usb would I be able to use BT5? For starters a few quick notes. It uses the 'AirOS' platform, been thinking of going to Openwrt for the flashing, but hoping I don't need to mess with all that fun stuff. I have the ethernet running to a repeater for wifi throughout the house. And on the 2nd gen I-5 so should have more then enough power to go through all the code? .. Not that much on Linux savy, but I do very well on the learning curves, and I'm not askin how to use it, even though I'm sure I'll be on the wiki nonstop this week if in fact, it is 'doable'. Lol... Thanks in advance, and thanks for the future responses.