I'm running Backtrack 5R3 via the VM image, the problem is I can't get the system to recognise my wireless card (built in HP Probook) I read that VM does not support this, so I purchased a USB WIFI card (branded digitazz) however backtrack still does not recognize the device.

I have searched the web and this forum, but cannot find a solution, please could anybody be off assistence, it's been driving me mad for days trying to get wireless to work.

If digitazz dongles are not supported, has anybody got suggestions on what is the best dongles and how to set them up, as I'm new to installing drivers via linux

Note, at one point I managed to get online via the bridged connection on the Windows 7 machine but this has now stopped working and I've even seen the "Could not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log for error messages" error.

WCID is showing no wireless networks and iwconfig states no wireless devices.

Thanks in advance,