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Thread: Intel 5100 iwlagn Bactrack5 R3

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    Default Intel 5100 iwlagn Bactrack5 R3

    Hi everyone,

    I´ve got backtrack 5 R3 with Kernel 3.x and a wireless card intel 5100 with driver iwlwifi. The problem. is that i need iwlagn driver because i´m not able to inject packets but i´m not able to install it

    i read that maybe is a problem with the driver and I followed this tutorial
    I followed all steps but when i do the "make" i get an error "error2"

    Someone was able to install this driver with this kernel and version of backtrack?

    Anyone can help me please?

    I appreciatte any help or idea than you can offer me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Intel 5100 iwlagn Bactrack5 R3

    hey, got nearly the same question.

    found some tutorials, but i'm a beginner in linux and I dont understand some commands and their errors.
    could somebody spend time in making a tutorial for absolutly beginners like me?

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