This is an app I've been developing the last few months to hopefully help to speed up Linux development for Android devices.

This is a paid app with the lowest possible price I can set it on the market, and the $.99 price tag helps me to continue my work on this.

Market link:


-This app REQUIRES a rooted device AND busybox installed-

Welcome to Linux AutoLoader (LinLoad for short), the tool for COMPLETE Linux management within your Android
Device through chroot. This app allows you to mount, log in, and manage ANY full Linux system on your Android
Smartphone or Tablet. You can load from either a SDCard partition or from a filesystem image on your

This app comes with built in support for swap usage, transportable and interchange-able home directories, as well
as advanced error management and recovery. This app will tell you what went right, what went wrong, and even has
suggestions on fixing the rare bugs that may come up.

The Profile System allows you to set default settings for different images. Name your system so its easy to keep track of which one is mounted, set default user, home directories, sdcard use, and even automatically clear the VNC locks, without the need to run scripts or type out commands.

The Control Panel allows you to boot straight into the Linux System terminal, start VNC with one click, update different system files, or load in your home directory. A notification service also starts when Linux is detected as mounted, allowing quick access to the Linux Control Panel.

APP Features
- Built-in automatic VNC screen size setting, detects proper screen to set for ANY device
- Detects difference in Internal Storage and External storage for devices built for
- The ONLY Linux boot utility to properly detect an dedicated ext2/4 partition on your SDCard
- Provides a Profile system to help manage settinhs across multiple Images and partitions
- Runs ALL ARM-based Images and filesystems
- Various How-To's found in the "How do I...?" section

Control Panel Features
- Links three different designated Android Terminal windows for ease-of-use:
-- Normal Terminal
-- Terminal window deficated to VNC commands
-- Terminal window for system commands and management
- Start VNC, clear all VNC locks left over from previous runs, and (soon) open your favorite VNC app directly from Linux Autoloader
- Connect through SSH using ConnectBot, or through the Android Terminal using chroot
- Keep all your documents inside a seperate home image (EXT4 supported needed) for easier transportability across any system (Android or Linux)
- Mount a swap file for increased stability
- Keep the file system fstab updated with just one click
- Manage services found in /etc/init.d