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Thread: MBP 8,1 BT5R2 Wifi Problem

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    Default MBP 8,1 BT5R2 Wifi Problem

    Hey all,

    I've run BT on live cd's for a while on and off, it's a good platform and I thought I'd throw it on my Macbook Pro(8,1) as my linux distro(I boot multiple OS's) However, BT5R2 doesn't seem to be liking the 4331 card in here. I've seen people having issues with it all over the place and I've followed every fix I can find, but nothing seems to help. I've patched the driver, rebuilt the kernel, installed b43 several different ways and I really am running out of things to try. Anyone know of any other fixes to get the wifi working? This is a full install by the way, not VMWare, so the bridged connection isn't the problem.


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    Default Re: MBP 8,1 BT5R2 Wifi Problem

    You can always buy an Atheros wireless card instead.

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    Default Re: MBP 8,1 BT5R2 Wifi Problem

    Totally agree with stepking2...If you have a wifi which is not supported, get one like miniPCI-e rtl8187L, an atheros, etc....If no "work around" solution is available, need another card. Sorry....


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