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Thread: Getting awus036h to work as nice in BT5r3 as WinXp?

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    Default Getting awus036h to work as nice in BT5r3 as WinXp?

    I've got a dual boot between Tiny XP and BT5 r3, using an awus036h.

    The adapter works fine in BT by default, haven't needed to install or tweak anything. However when I use it in XP, with the 1 watt driver installed, I get significantly better connections and transfer rates.

    Checking with iwconfig it is by default set to tx 20 dB, so I:

    iw reg set BO

    which achieves nothing but doesn't return an error, and:

    ifconfig wlan1 down
    iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30

    which successfully sets the tx power to 30 dB / apparently 1 watt.

    However the signal strength, at least according to Wicd, doesn't improve, and the connection on a weaker AP is still prohibitively slow and flakey. Reboot into XP and the connection is flawless.

    It's important that I have maximum range while using BT, any ideas on how to bring the Linux software up to the level of Windows.
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    Default Re: Getting awus036h to work as nice in BT5r3 as WinXp?

    One thing is Tx (Transmitting) and the other is Receiving..You have a receiving issue. Why increase the Tx power?..You need better reception.

    Move around and see if you get a better signal or change antenna to a one with 9 dbi's. You could even use a portable directional antenna (yagi or grid).

    I have the same Alfa and it has much better reception in BT than in WinXP. It comes with 5 dbi omnidirectional antenna.

    The 1 watt power is for transmision..You have a receiving sensitivity issue...get a better antenna or move around to improve signal "reception".

    You can also try changing the frec to 11mb, a much better frec to get more AP's..

    I invite you to read about all this issues and the aircrack-ng suit.



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