Nevermind....crappy post, not much info given.

Apparently it never worked before (I thought it did, i guess i never tried). I have an Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE. After running xconf and startx I get the black screen and have to do a ctrl-alt-backspace to get out. So after that I assumed I need drivers. So I got an nvidia driver module from the slax main page. The module said it knew geforce 7300 so that's the one I used.

First of all, I put the module in my module directory, that didn't work. So I tried uselivemod and it said i needed to convert it to an lzm. So I did that using mod2lzm or something like that. Then loaded it. That time it worked and loaded it (I guess I should convert them to lzm and then put them in my images folder of my changes partition? I'm using an externall hdd btw).

So running nvidia-xconfig and xconf...both of them said they did something and I should run startx. Startx spat out the same errors after returning from the black screen. Is there something else I'm supposed to edit for me 7300 LE? My friend ahs a Nvidia Geforce Go 7300 and he doesn't even need drivers, I'm kinda confused.

Could it have something to do with the boot option "vga=0x317" being turned on at boot? It's in the bootinst.bat I think.

Any help would be great! thanks.