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    Default Problem/Question about SET

    Alright whats up guys, I have been trying to figure out this problem for days and been pulling my hair. Hopefully you guys can help me.

    Alright so I hope you all know how DNS works and how it points to an IP. I'm using ettercap for this so let me show you the diagram and then explain the problem.

    We got a website called

    Okay so here is the problem... When I clone login.aspx using SET it creates the website: that looks like

    BUT! The problem is that when I spoof the domain: to using ettercap, instead of it pointing to it actually points to instead!!!

    NOW! I sadly cant configure ettercap because it only works through DNS and not directories, so I need a way to configure SET to actually host a specific directory rather than just one file.

    BUT! Yes another but... I tried using the APACHE command in the set_config file and set it to ON, but some research should that it doesn't use APACHE in credential harvester SOO PLEASE!!! I'm out of options... Hopefully someone can help me and point me to that right direction. Thanks a lot guys!
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