Just learning john the ripper.

I'm confused by a number of things. I have read much of the documentation and web sites but cannot seem to see some answers I'm looking for.

When I type the following command while john is running I get the following.

# john -status -status=john
guesses: 0 time: 8:20:31:52 0%00% (3) c/s: 4068

I don't know how to interpret this but it looks like nothing is happening. Although I know it is.

When I press the space bar on the terminal window it does give me the current PW its tryng. If I cat the .pot file it show me some passwords or if I use the show command.

So I asume it is working. How do I interpret the out put of the status line.


I started the program with the simple command, john mypassword, it cracked the admin password on my home linux computer quickly, however the rest of the passwords its taking its time on.

I dont see anything in the documentation on the process its taking in this mode. Is it walking down the config file and just doing each of the cracking modes.

I'm confused on which mode its using if no mode is supplied. This might be usefull to know if you want to stop it at some point and then change from the "john mypassword" mode to some specific mode eg wordlists.