OK. First let me say that I have I have the following:

2GHz Macbook Core2Duo
Mac OSX 10.4.1

ALFA Network Wireless USB Adapter
Model: AWUS036H

VMware Fusion
Version 1.0 (51348)

Parallels Desktop 3.0
Build 5060 Beta

I was lookin through the forms for help when i stumbled upon the "Garrett's Stuff" site, which has a picture tutorial of how to get the alfa network device working on a mac using vmware. There is a link somewhere in the forums for the site... garrettreid dot something

Using the new version of the above tutorial, I got as far as slide 19.... apparently I cant extract the vmwaretools file as shown...

I know the guy said to use a particular version of vmware, but the torrents for it have more or less died (so sad). Can anyone help me past that last hump?

Any other method for gettin this thing to work would be much appreciated.