Bringing this over from the old forums. It's based on BT3, I read the rules and I didn't see anywhere that stated only BT4 videos. The only reason I feel it's worth posting is there is A LOT covered in this video using the different tools within Backtrack. If it violates the rules (as in BT4 only), please feel free to delete the thread.

Original Post:

I made a video a few months ago and I was just waiting to figure out how I could incorporate it into a "how to" or guide, as something to give back to the community. I saw there was another video post recently in this section and I decided to go ahead and post it.

This video is sort of a reflection of some of the tools and ideas that I personally learned after taking the Offec Course. Anyone who is on the fence on whether they should sign up for it can check out the video to get an idea of some of the things that I did. I can honestly say, hands down, the best technical course I have ever taken.

Summary of video: network surveying -> enumeration -> exploit developement -> priv escalation

Thanks to all the Devs, Mods, Senior Members, and everyone who contributes to this site. Special thanks to KMDave, who gave me the idea for the exploit from the 0day forums.

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