When I try to connect to my router wirelessly via wicd I get unable to get ip. I have an atheros ar980 wireless internal card. I've tried setting a static ip and had no luck. I've also tried connecting via the command prompt and still hasn't worked. I've tried a few other things from other forums ive checked out too but still couldn't connect. My password is correct I've tried the different wep options and it makes no difference still the same result. I'm guessing it's some sort of driver issue however im far from an expert when it comes to these things so if there is some sort of commands I need to type to get it to work or install a specific package. And if there is a package or driver needed is there a place I can download it now from my other os being windows and then retrieve it on backtrack somehow. My router is set to mixed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My wifi works fine when testing penetration on my own system in bt but it just won't connect via the manager.