This is for the topic thats in the "Wireless" forum with the post "Broadcom 4311 support in BT"

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Anyway moving on.

I was going to go fork out some $$$ for a new wireless card until I downloaded BackTrack 2.0 and found out that the Broadcom 4311 does in fact work. Injection works completely. I hacked my network several times, I kinda make it a game, I have my family type in random things and I crack it. Iv also helped out a few family members recover there WEP keys because they like to throw all the info away when they get things and don't bother to read.

I have a Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop with the broadcom 4311 chipset inside. So I would like to conclude that once again the 4311 does work, as for any others, I have no idea.