Hello, as far as I can tell (from searches on google and on these forums) I've yet to find a solution to this problem. I have backtrack 5 r3 (64 gnome) on my macbook air 5,2. It uses the broadcom chipset 43224, and yes I already understand that some broadcom chipsets are garbage. MY PROBLEM is that when using airodump-ng to capture handshakes, i never seem to get them, ever, with multiple machines/aps. Injection seems to be working fine via the command line test, I can deauth and do all that other fancy stuff without a problem, the only issue is that I can not capture a handshake no matter what. I have tried multiple drivers, the brcma and b43 drivers and neither one have helped me out. If anyone out there could give some insight into this issue i would greatly appreciate it, thanks