Hello from an absolute Linux-beginner from Germany, who does neither know what Linux is nor even speaks good english.
But I hope any Linix-specialist will help me anyway to become my bt2 running (specially the GUI).
I try to describe briefly what happens: PC (elder laptop) starts from CD, asks name “root” password “toor” and shows then the DOS-PROMPT (don’ know how the command line is called in Linux, but so far all is OK).

After input of startx CD-ROM starts nearly endless working and then a yellow mouse pointer on a black screen remains – nothing else. Finally one often only can pull off the accumulator to boot again.

What can I make, in order to isolate the problem? (as I have no WLAN-connection and the gui doesn't work, I am unfortunately not able to post any log files here) (P.S. the CD is burned correctly).

So please help me to use Linux/Bt2