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Thread: bluesnarfer error

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    Quote Originally Posted by superted View Post
    sorry to sound slow but could you explain this a little more?

    Read the man pages of rfcomm and bind the device to rfcomm
    dd if=/dev/swc666 of=/dev/wyze

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    Hey guys

    Just wrote a quick guide covering bluesnarfing. Why not check it out:

    cant post urls ;( so here is half lol --

    And thanks guys for making me feel welcome, I can't reply on the guide because I dont have permission

    Next guide will be in alot more detail and will include a few tools that I have picked up that are cool and abit on hackin the PIN on bluetooth devices like headsets ETC . Im still learning so as soon as I know how you guys will.

    And I didfind a website with loads of AT commands and data for loads of phones, but I'm in windows now and its saved in linux so you will have to wait untill tonight

    Have fun guys

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