Hi all,

I used to invest some time in learning backtrack in 2007 just for fun, never came further than novice status really, now I picked it up again and I just want to learn some new things. I know basically everything is out there to learn but I simple do not have the time to dig into it that much because of work, private life etc. When I try some things I know it can always go differently than expected because of different software/hardware etc. so normally I would then go and post it in a forum where I wait for help but I found that this can be also very much a pain in the ass because some solutions don't work etc... and I figured it would be a lot quicker if I can just chat with someone from here and that one can help me out instant. I am willing to pay for it, so if anyone is interested please respond.
This is not some kind of weird deal or hacker rental I just think backtrack is fascinating for me but the frustration point I have in not having the time to learn enough is really tilting me.

So if this is not the right place to ask for paid help, please lock the post...I just figured it couldn't harm to ask...