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    the ip of attacker is btr 5 R3 in virtual machine and using a usb adpter it is a D-Link g 112 i using virtual box
    and ip of the target is 192.168.104 a real pc no a virtual machine and i using the opensuse 12.2 with firefox 16.1
    gateway ip is
    i canīt put my ettercap with make work
    first i edit this file etter.dns using the gedit /usr/local/share/ettercap/etter.dns
    put in the file like this type: * A
    start the artimage chose the exploit i want use
    ettercap -T -i wlan0 -q -M arp:remote / / -P dns_spoof
    when i go to the computer it is the target not happens
    where is the problem
    i want work for example the target go to this website our other like hotmail iol etc..
    and force to install the exploit
    but i canīt make work
    can someone help me to resolve the problem
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