This is going to be my first post here but ive looked for the answer and found nothing.

My enviroment is as follows:
Target box, macbook pro running snow leopard.(
Attacker Acer apire one running BT 5r3 with wireless network addapter (
both inside local network with 2wire router (

Im trying to do dns spoofing to redirect dns request (facebook) from target to local ip (

In my first attempts i used ettercap, y edited the etter.dns file as follows "* A" and then i run the command "ettercap -Tqi wlan1 -P dns_spoof -M arp / /"
After that the verified that the man in the middle attack was working correctly as i could capture traffic between the target and the router.
However the dns spoof didnt work, target could enter facebook without trouble.

I rebooted the attacker computer with the native win7 and runned cain & abel. Started the sniffer, selected the target, modified the arp-dns, poisoned, and even though i got full routing the spoofing continued failing.

I switched machines making the apire one the target and booted my macbook with BT 5r3 live CD. did the same procedure and failed.

I seem to be unable to the the dns spoofing and i want to know why

So my question would be: What im i missing? What changes do i need to perform? do i need to modify my network settings?

Thank you all for your help.
I searched the forum for answer and even though there are several treads on this topic none addressed my problem as i seem to fail no matter what program (ettercap, c&a, dnsspoof, etc) i run.