hello all ,and very nice work to savio
im really happy to no more to have enter commande line and got a tool working on vmware

i have 2 litle probleme :

first im testing wep network , but fern stay in pasive mode :
got 200 ivs , injecting arp packets are in yellow but ivs dont up fast .....
can you change something to change "packet" injected (may be this one dont work)....

and found a bug , i have 2 alfa card (awus036h)
look picture you will understand fast : http://img15.hostingpics.net/thumbs/mini_950869bug.jpg

inject mode bug , 2 fern inject on wan0/mon0 and no on wan2/mon2
same ivs is same , 2 instance of fern got the same ivs .....

can you fix this ?
or allow use 2 card in same time , one for lisent/log other for attack ?

( one more edit ,i think BT5 cant inject packet with alfa,wifit seem to cant inject packet too , i tested few network ,and got the same probleme
got ivs , it's say injecting packet but ivs dont speed up :'( ;
i do try command by command , but i dont know how to all actualy , i made try last year before and some tools changed ....)
(if you can explain me step by stop in few line help are welcome )