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Thread: How to start/stop khotkeys

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    Default How to start/stop khotkeys

    I have BT 5 R3. khotkeys shortcuts are not working at all. When i run
    ps aux | grep khotkeys
    it doesn't show it. Means khotkeys is not running.

    How do i start khotkeys so i could use shortcuts?
    Please help!

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    Default Re: How to start/stop khotkeys

    No replies from community even after many days
    Anyways, I solved it myself, just sharing it here if anyone (like me) need to know.

    1. Go to Menu -> Settings -> System Settings > Shortcuts & Gestures
    2. Under custom shortcuts, make sure KMenuEdit is checked. I set shortcuts in kmenuedit so it must be enabled.
    3. Apply and close window.

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