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Thread: airoscript-ng stops sending deauth packets

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    Default airoscript-ng stops sending deauth packets

    Hey, I'm trying to learn how to use some of the tools on backtrack. Right now I'm trying to use airoscript-ng to deauth a client (my ipod touch) on my home network. First, if I scan for targets I get nothing, so I have to manually enter the MAC address. Then, after I start a standard deauth attack (w/ qos it crashes) I see a status box that says several lines of "sending 64 deauth packets" with other technical information about ACK packages received and such.
    My problem is that after about 10 lines of this (my ipod loses connection for this time) it goes to the same screen as airodump-ng and says it's gathering data, and my ipod regains its internet connection. What is happening? Can routers recognize when a client is being deauth'ed and stop the attack?

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    Default Re: airoscript-ng stops sending deauth packets

    Have you tried using Aireplay-ng to deauthenticate instead of using Airoscript-ng?

    Also, if you are trying to collect a handshake, then 2 deauth packets are more than enough.

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