Hi everyone, I have tried everything possible, I have searched the forums etc. but I have not been able to solve this problem I am having. In backtrack, I can connect to my network but I cannot connect to the internet. I am using the ipw3945 driver found on the livecd, and i connect using these commands:

iwconfig eth1 mode managed


ifconfig eth1 down
iwconfig eth1 essid xxxx key xxxx
ifconfig eth1 up
dhcpcd eth1
it looks like it works, the icon in the taskbar comes up saying i am connected, it shows my ip address, mac address, signal strength, etc.. but I cannot connect to the internet! I open up firefox and can never reach any webpages. If anyone could help me that would be great, I know most people have no problems with this wireless card, so I must be doing something wrong. Thank you in advance!