Hello all,

I am brand new to Back|track distro and still a newb in Linux as a whole. Please forgive the question if it is a tad idiotic lol

I have a laptop that already had ubuntu installed. When I installed it I set up partitions like so:

Hard Drive is 80GB

500MB /boot
500MB /backup boot (Don't ask why, I read something on the web and thought they were meaning to have a backup boot partition lol)
74GB LVM Physical volume

I had the LVM group labeled as "distro" because I didn't know what distro I would end up liking. I set the Logical Volumes up for UBUNTU like so:

10GB /
28GB /home
2GB /tmp

34GB FREESPACE ( I figured wikth LVM I could add space as I needed it or mount new folders like Var as I needed it.)

================================================== ================================================== =============================

So when I saw Back|Track on the Linux Action Show I figured it would be fun to play with and learn how to secure my stuff. So I did the following:

1. Re-tasked the (500MB backup boot) partition to serve as the /boot for Back|Track

2. Created new logical volumes out of the 34GB FreeSpace, named them so I would recognize them as Back|Track volumes and then mounted them as /, /home, and /tmp

================================================== ================================================== ==============================

Install went fine. Grub loads up and gives me 4 ubuntu choices. Back|Track is on top regular ubuntu is on bottom. Both Distros "APPEAR" to load fine and run fine aside from wireless driver/firmware issues I am researching. However, I am a newb and wanted to ask a few questions:

1. Does anyone see any problems that might crop up in the future the way I have done this?

2. I didn't reformat into two separate physical partitions because I couldn't guess at how big Back|Track will get. Does the hard disk space needed grow over the years as new tools or logs etc get added?

3. I can of course see the logical volumes for each distro while in the other distro, is this bad or unsafe?

4. Since I will be using Ubuntu as default I would like to have it at the top of Grub. I have googled on how to edit grub etc. My question is which grub do I edit? I am assuming both have one since they are Ubuntu do they each live separately? Did Ubuntu's stay dominant since it was the first Distro installed or did Back|Track's grub become the boss since it is the most recent?

5. General thoughts or advice?

Thanks all,