Some things I already know to save any silly remarks etc.

1.Backtrack is designed for penetration testing.
2.There are a number of programming languages already on the CD.
3.Apps need to be converted to modules.
4.How to use google.
5.PHP is far superior to Coldfusion so please no Pizzing comps please.
6.Every language has its place.
7.My way around nix box.

I also don't care if you have no idea why I would do this when such awesome programming languages already exist within the distro.

Now what Im trying to do is install Adobe Coldfusion MX8 (this current version installs into any other nix distro without issue even thou Adobe only support suse and redhat). This would save me having to use VMware and remove a lot of over head while allowing me to write code while at work as this make me money and money=fun.

There are a number of other reason I have for doing this but that besides the point.

So far I'm totally rapped with the Backtrack install and Ive started using it as my main OS, its fast very fast and does what I want.

Some info about the CF distro.

1.Its a binary file
2.After installing it via the setup app (which gets me through the install without any issues) the program hangs after running it.

Any help pointers tips etc would be great.