My story:

after becoming intrigued by an article describing how to use backtrack to hack peoples wireless, i set up a lab with a friend and played around a while. now however, i have a grander scheme.

in short, id like a create a fake AP for the purposes of a wiretap. on that note, here is the method im going to try out: . by all means, have a look at it and tell me if its good or not, and certainly link me to better ones, IYO. i am open for pointers.

i am going to boost my antenna to max by using this: . it would appear that, more or less, all i have left to do is some downloading and configuring.

however, i am certain i am missing something, which is part of the reason i am tossing this up here. let me know what you think.

to be clear, what i want to do is this: i want to create an access point on my network that i could use to attempt to view the browsing and other net use of those who chose to connect to it. usernames, passwords, pictures and the like.

on that note, how would a person boost the AP signal as far as it could reach? i would be willing to buy additional hardware, and even flash different firmware on it, if it would aid this project.