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Thread: nmap xml file grep

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    Default nmap xml file grep

    Hi All,

    can anyone assist in what im aiming for?

    I need to grep a nmap scan to save and cat the following lines in a xml file for product versions:

    <port protocol="tcp" portid="21"><state state="open" reason="syn-ack" reason_ttl="64"/><service name="ftp" product="vsftpd" version="2.3.4" ostype="Unix" method="probed" conf="10"><cpe>cpe:/a:vsftpd:vsftpd:2.3.4</cpe></service><script id="ftp-anon" output="Anonymous FTP login allowed (FTP code 230)"/></port>

    I would like the following to output to screen:
    portid="21" product="vsftpd" version="2.3.4"

    I eventually want to add it to search exploit db to sort of organise the services running for exploits.

    (ie) VSFTPD v2.3.4 Backdoor Command Execution

    or exploit/unix/ftp/vsftpd_234_backdoor

    so far I get this :

    ><service name="ftp" product="vsftpd" version="2.3.4" ostype="Unix" method="probed" conf="10"><cpe>cpe:
    ><service name="http" product="Apache httpd" version="2.2.8" extrainfo="(Ubuntu) DAV
    ><service name="http" product="Apache Tomcat

    any help is much appreciated...

    Kind regards dee

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    Default Re: nmap xml file grep

    Is it feasible to use the -oG switch in nmap to output in "Grepable format" for what you want to do?

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    Default Re: nmap xml file grep

    If daedalus' suggestion doesn't do it for you, grep/awk/sed are going to make it rough, at the guess
    grep -iE '(portid|product|version)'
    Will pull out the appropriate lines. Something like
    PORTID=$(echo $LINE | sed 's/.*portid="//g; s/".*//g')
    PRODUCT=$(echo $LINE | sed 's/.*product="//g; s/".*//g')
    And so on will get you the right lines and slap them into sub variables. Kind of. While you read line loops. But it's messy.

    I have this idea in the back of my head that you prefer python, which has ElementTree or something similar, perl has XML::Simple, php has a simple XML library, and so on. Use one of those, not bash, far safer and will keep you from pulling your hair out.

    Or use -oG, which is what grepping is designed for.
    Still not underestimating the power...

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