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Thread: BT 5 R3 and BCM43227, tried EVERYTHING.

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    Exclamation BT 5 R3 and BCM43227, tried EVERYTHING.

    I've had it, I have totally exhausted every fix, patch, solution and workaround I have found so far on the internet. I have tried everything i have come across. I recently installed BT5 R3, and my wireless card has not worked for a single second. I have an Acer Aspire with Broadcom Wireless BCM43227. I tried to install the Linux STA drivers, but they wouldn't install, it would give me an error about a missing file and there being no dependencies or modules, or it would say error inserting wl.ko 1 file exists. I tried to use jockey while using a wireless connection, but NO that would've been too easy! Instead, it just gives me an error installing drivers. I have been trying for a solid week to figure this out, but I am on the verge of a mental breakdown over this. Please, please help me to figure this out, I'm willing to try absolutely anything at this point.

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